Spatenstich fürs Projekt Alpenstolz Damüls
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Managing Director of Fussenegger & Bertsch Wohnbau GmbH, Matthias Schweighofer, is confident: "Alpenstolz Apartments are an absolute delight for anyone looking for an Alpine holiday home." The four buildings are located immediately adjacent to an Oberdamüls cable car base station, next to the long-established Gasthof Glöckle, just a few minutes' walk from the village centre. A total of 38 holiday homes are available for sale, ranging from 54 to 122 m². The two to five-bedroom apartments have well thought-out layouts and sleep up to eight people.

According to the "commercial letting" principle, buyers can use their apartments for six months a year; the rest of the time they are rented out as holiday accommodation by a professional local agent. 

"For buyers, this is a property investment with good future prospects," states Herbert Möglin. "This is due to the excellent location, as well as the high-quality architecture and construction". Which the property developer guarantees. Fussenegger & Bertsch Wohnbau GmbH is a majority-owned subsidiary of Fussenegger AG. The Fussenegger Wohnbau GmbH subsidiary of Fussenegger AG builds approx. 100 apartments a year in Ravensburg and Neu-Ulm in southern Germany and Dornbirn (Vorarlberg) in Austria. Experience, reliability and excellent construction quality give every buyer the security of being in safe hands.



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